Susan Baldwin

Susan has been involved in UK tourism & leisure for 25 years. In the private sector, she’s worked for a number of leading operators including JAC Travel, one of the world’s premier inbound travel service providers. In the public sector, Susan was responsible for VisitScotland’s ‘Outdoor’ portfolio including golf (the development of the James Braid Trail), hillwalking, cycling, adventure and country sports. She undertook a similar role with England’s South West Tourism, helping them to launch their Brand Clusters before returning to Scotland to work with Scottish Farmhouse Holidays.

Working with her husband, Simon, she helped to create and launch Destination66 Ltd in 2012. The company’s unique offering of integrated digital and social media for clients in the retail, tourism and leisure sectors includes the management of all content, monitoring, engagement, interaction and evaluation of the same: Susan oversees all these elements working with a contracted team of professionals enabling the company to offer a near round-the-clock service that benefits clients and their customers, seven days a week.

Susan’s own love of the great outdoors – in particular, golf, hillwalking and cycling – are at the forefront of a unique project delivered by Destination66: Scotland’s For All.

The Blog and supporting social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) launched in 2016 and has grown to engage with a combined audience approaching 30,000 followers. Susan manages content gathered by Destination66’s ambassadors across the country – engaging, interacting and reaching tens of thousands every week, showcasing the very best of what is on offer in Scotland’s countryside … from places to eat and drink to events and experiences, from education and training opportunities to all manner of conservation and environmental initiatives.